9 reasons to have a Website or a Web Page

9 reasons to have a Website or a Web Page

The new technologies and the incorporation of Websites can increase sales, productivity and market value of companies, it is fundamental to reach clients in a massive and simple way for them, currently, this is possible thanks to the internet.

Nowadays, there are many social networks in which you can promote in a free way or pay for the products, services or even market your professional image, with the purpose of raising your own prestige or your company’s and allowing your customers to increase their level of confidence towards your product or service.

But unfortunately, social networks show random results that don’t always go hand-in-hand with the final consumer’s behavior, reason for which study’s real impact cannot be measured, however, this can be done through the website.

Most certainly, we have all visited a website in which the experience has not been satisfactory, however, there are some others that at first glance are pleasant and for sure you have spent hours browsing through them.

Up next we give you 9 reasons for which you should have a website:

  1. It allows your products or services to have a worldwide reach: The objective of marketing and publicity is to position our brand in the mind of the consumer, and the bigger audience we have, the greater the probabilities of recognition.

With a website, all of the people that use the internet, will recognize everything about your business or company, plus you will be able to keep them up-to-date with all the news and promotions, in this manner, the level of potential clients will augment considerably and the experience of your regular customers will be much better.

  1. It generates a feeling of prestige and quality to your company: It won’t depend on the product or service, nor on what your company may or may not say, nor on sales strictly.

The consumer buys by necessity, preference, impulse or attraction towards a determined product or service, however, the quality or prestige are almost always elements that influence them when making a decision. The prestige and quality are shown through a webpage at a first level.

  1. It is your company’s business card: Most people look for references through the world’s largest search engine: Google. But in order to show up on Google, you must have a website, the presence on social networks is not enough, especially when clients are demanding.

The presence on Google and on other search pages with a decent webpage, hosted on a good server and with a good quality, gives the client confidence when relating your company with the disbursement of their money.

  1. Your clients come to you: In case you receive clients on a regular basis in your office or company, a description on how to get there is most useful, in this way you can add Google Maps, this requires no more than one to two minutes.
  1. It is a competitive advantage: having a quality website can be the advantage that sets you apart from your competition. But it is not enough with creating a quality website for your company, you must know how to manage it and make the most of this powerful tool.

The facilitation for your clients of a site on the internet that brings them closer to your company, to keep them up-to-date with your news, sales and information in a simple and attractive way, will keep them interested in your company over the rest of the competition. There are many ways of attracting clients to your website, but the crucial part is to keep them interested in coming back, if your product is good, your clients will recommend you for sure.

In the era of an online world, the phenomenon of propagation through media like e-mails, Facebook and other social networks is happening, also through classic forums, but without a webpage it is impossible for someone to link to your site and by this you are renouncing to this important and still in a booming stage, recommendation channel.

  1. You may answer clients’ requests through the web: most certainly you can come up with two or three questions that your customers ask quite frequently. An entertaining phone conversation with clients is always welcomed, however, you can also probably invest your time on more productive things than answering the same questions over and over again. In a section of “Frequently asked questions” you can answer these questions directly on your webpage. For all other questions, you can create an online contact form (and in case you like handling your customers by phone, you can also add a phone contact).
  1. You can sell your products online: In case you have products that can be shipped, it’s not a bad idea to offer them through your online store also. In this way you can instantly increase the quantity of potential clients in your country, and if you so desire, even overseas. Nowadays, creating an online store doesn’t represent an engineering work anymore, you can create your own online store.
  1. If you are in a stage in which you are building a dialogue canal with your clients: the most logic thing is to communicate with them and this doesn’t have to be done in an individual manner, you can use resources like newsletters, Twitter or Facebook, creating a blog can also be very useful precisely for autonomous people, since they will position themselves as experts on the specialized matter.
  1. There is a relation between cost and benefit: a website has a low cost compared to other publicity media, that apart from having a time limit, they don’t always reach the entire goal market that we wish to achieve.

The internet is without a doubt one of the most utilized tools nowadays by people of all ages and the costs to maintain a website are pretty favorable if we take into consideration all of the benefits that it grants.

9 reasons to have a Website or a Web Page
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