Facebook for businesses

Nowadays, with the penetration of Social Media and the rapid expansion that they have had, it is estimated that Facebook has around 700 million users and twitter has reached 145 million users, which is why companies have started to show interest in participating in Social Networks to make their businesses grow.

Social Media is so successful nowadays because it is based on one of human’s primary needs, communication, and Facebook allows this in a direct way towards clients or potential clients anywhere in the world.

Now we would like to present the 7 main advantages that Facebook offers to help your business grow and to position your brand on the biggest, most interactive virtual community in the world.

  • Your company will be where the clients are, the main reason for having your business or brand on Facebook is that this is where your current clients are, therefore there are many business opportunities on a network that is being used by millions of web surfers worldwide.
  • It promotes the free creation of a business community, this social media now seen from a business point of view offers the possibility of having a free page, which is why your business should be a part of this community and enhance itself by building its community and interacting with its current and potential clients.
  • It increases your businesses’ website traffic, Facebook pages are perfect to redirect traffic towards your website since it promotes linking our webpage with our FanPage on Facebook. Even though at first the traffic won’t be so numerous, it will augment and considerably improve the amount of visits that our web page receives.
  • It allows you to send promotions and coupons, a Facebook page is a direct channel with followers or fans, however, it is clear that the higher amount of fans you have, the higher the chances of making good businesses or deals. Plus, it can be a promotion tool, since it allows you to organize campaigns, contests, promotions and events.
  • It has a place where you can receive comments and suggestions, clients that usually have a certain type of identification with your business or brand like to say something about it, well this will be a good place to do so, which will be very productive for your business since it allows to boost your brand through the biggest network of web surfers in the world.
  • It is accessible to all on the internet, it is an open space to visit your website, but at the same time it is linked to a great social network that has had world renowned success, since Facebook pages are accessible to all the people that wish to see your business or brand even without having a registered account.
  • They are easily indexed by Google, therefore it gives you the possibility of having your business show up rapidly amongst search results, reason for which it is not uncommon to have your Facebook page in a better position than your own website.

The advantages of this giant interlinked network with websites are many, but this will depend on how much your community grows. Nowadays having a Facebook page is truly vital for any business that wants to expand its presence online.

Facebook for businesses
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