Know the benefits of developing a website on WordPress

WordPress is a Content Manager focused on the construction of Web Sites. This tool created by Matt Mullenweg in 2003, keeps periodical updates that allow you to create and administrate the information in an effective and simple manner.

This content manager is the most used in the world, since Wikipedia grants its large growth to its license, its ease of use and its characteristics as a content manager, without leaving aside the great team of developers and designers that are in charge of creating new functionalities for users.

Among its many advantages we have that:

  • It has no license cost
  • It has a user friendly and intuitive interface
  • It is of easy personalization
  • It keeps the content optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Applications have been created for mobile devices that are available
  • It is easy to integrate with Social Media
  • It has a great availability of Plugins
  • It has to disposition popularity statistics
  • The platform is available in over 50 languages

Amongst other advantages offered by this practical content manager, we have its simplicity, since it has been designed in a way that it does not require a technical knowledge domain, its applications are useful and simple, and its management turns out easy for any user. Plus it contributes in positioning since it is designed in an optimal way to position quickly in Google, which will allow an augment in the amount of visitors, and the higher the number of visitors the higher are the chances of profits.

But if you wish to have a specific functionality for your site, WordPress counts with a plugin data base that can solve quickly and efficiently almost any new function that you wish to add, without having the need to search the web over and over again.

Up next we will show you the top 5 most relevant benefits that without a doubt will have you leaning towards the usage of this powerful yet simple tool for the creation of your Web Site.

  • It has an automatic system update, that was implemented from version 2.7 and up, in which you don’t have to be looking if new updates are available and much less have to install them manually.
  • WordPress is designed to have the web site functioning no matter high traffic peaks, generating, in this way, massive traffic.
  • You can have multiple users, granting other team members permission to manage the content.
  • In terms of the visibility of the Source Code, it allows the code to be visible for anybody that wishes to see it.
  • It doesn’t require any special programing abilities, its design has been mainly created so that it may be used by people that don’t have technical knowledge. It is shown by default in English, however the software has added the possibility of selecting any other language.

Using WordPress may seem complex at first, but after interacting with its functions it will become one of the best tools you’ve ever known, since it is easy to use, practical and it grants many benefits in the virtual world.

Know the benefits of developing a website on WordPress
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