Does social media make it possible to reach masses for Ads promoting products and brands?

The Social Media make it possible

Although traditional means of promotion that support the principles of advertising are preserved, such as exhibitions at selling points, free samples and sales, radio, press or tv, it is also of vital importance to do market studies, by verifying competitions’ promotions, how competitors promote their products and what agreements are usually made with the distributors for the promotions, including those that are held within the store.

Publicity and Promotions will always be necessary, since even though the product may be good, it is unlikely that it will sell itself.

But with the arrival of the 21st century, thanks to globalization, social media arrived, becoming not just a new trend when it comes to interacting with each other, but they have also become a working tool for many companies when analyzing potential employees’ profile, when promoting products or services or when encouraging interaction amongst employees from any part of the world.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer new communication and publicity support by providing advantages to the companies when promoting their products or services, like the ones listed up next:

1. An active presence on social media helps the company to reinforce its brand.
2. A greater visibility of the organization.
3. The 2.0 web is an alternative commercial platform.
4. Media coverage at a relatively low cost.

5. Target segmentation.
6. Increase communication channels with clients.
7. Customer service is simpler.
8. If comments and publications with relevant content are generated, the link with customers will strengthen.
9. The viral effect makes it so promotions and sales spread rapidly.
10. Ability to monitor conversations about the organization.
11. The identification of new business opportunities.
12. Alert of possible products’ or services’ problems.
13. Performance of a pre-test of a product’s launching.
14. Personal selection processes.
15. The obtainment of relevant information for our analysis.
16. Assess a possible internationalization.
17. Being able to check-up on our competition.
18. Attract Webpage traffic.
19. Improve our internet position.
20. Train and acquire experience in an environment that has great growth.

Currently, social media is a very powerful tool when it comes to on-line market strategies for most companies. The giant boom that has been the internet, has changed the way of interacting and making business.

Diverse studies show that Ad servings on social media, generate an important economic increase and brand recognition on the internet.


As a product or service provider, it is necessary to profit on the advantages that social media has to offer, knowing what is said of the management of your company on social media, listening to constructive criticism to improve your service, customer service and the participation in conversations by adding value to your company, this is how you take advantage over your competition.

Does social media make it possible to reach masses for Ads promoting products and brands?
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