Learn about the main characteristics of Twitter Ads in Digital Marketing

Twitter Ads in Digital Marketing

When it comes to deciding where to locate our publicity, we need to be clear on where our public is and what our goals are. These factors are undeniable and important when it comes to defining the channels in which we will put our brand and the way how we want it to be seen.

If we decide that social media is a good way to advertise our brand or business and if we have a large amount of traffic and clients on our twitter page, then Twitter Ads will be the ideal advertising service for our company or brand.

But Twitter is already known for bringing many benefits to users, companies and brands, since it has a section known as Trending Topics, in which you can see the most popular topics on twitter, whether on a national or international level, plus it allows you to post pictures (through plixi, tweetphoto, etc.) and it has the Retweet option, so that users can use this as a way of saying that the agree with somebody’s tweet, may this be a person, company or brand that they follow, and finally, amongst the advantages that Twitter has to offer, it gives you the chance to share a small, 160 character, biography, plus it allows you to chat with other users.


But, what is Twitter Ads? It is a really simple advertising service that is supported by a series of characteristics and advantages for the announcer of a brand or company, lets analyze the benefits that we can obtain from the use of Twitter Ads.

1. Uses and habits of Twitter compared to other social media like Facebook: the Twitter user is used to having this social network be a dynamic node, which is why he/she is used to having to leave the platform in order to consult the contents and links shown in it. This is why this is considered an optimal social media to make publicity directed towards another website, since the receiver of the ads won’t be disturbed by having to leave his Twitter profile.

2. Twitter Ads offers many possibilities: the ads on Twitter Ads are offered in various creative options and different possibilities when it comes to the function of the objectives of the campaign, a very advantageous characteristic is that in a certain way the platform helps the announcer when it comes to defining the characteristic of his ads.

3. Twitter Ads regarding the segmentation of the goal audience: the possibilities of segmentation that Twitter Ads offers are many, you can reach a hipersegmentation, not as broad as Facebooks’, but one that will help obtain profits in the announcements. The great potential of social media marketing is precisely the knowledge of its users through their profiles and activity, of great value for the announcers. Plus, the possibility of segmenting in detail our audience, brings as a bonus that our campaigns be of lower cost, just as long as they are well presented and managed.

4. The agreement between Google and Twitter: Google is able to index tweets and show amongst their search results when a user makes a related question, since this supposes a second way of exposure for your tweets that will also be able to reach both, users and non-users of this social media.

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5. The instantaneousness and immediateness of Twitter: the characteristic that defines this social media can also be seen as an advantage, both because users use this platform to stay informed on the latest happenings and because it allows an immediate response by enterprises and users.

The huge instantaneousness and immediateness, in the broadcasting of any message, promotes following tendencies and creating tweets sponsoring them with Twitter Ads that can be used as a good weapon for any announcer or marketing company.

Learn about the main characteristics of Twitter Ads in Digital Marketing
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