What is a hosting and how does it work?

What is a hosting?

Frequently we use digital media to support Branding, Trade Marketing and to promote products and services; but without a doubt, the key element that contributes to the business positioning, is to have a website where the client can find all of the information related to the company, having a contact point with it and showing the products and services that is has to offer through images, videos or any approachable web content.

Now surely you have wondered where all that information is stored in order to make it visible to users around the world; well, all that information is stored in the web hosting, since this is the service that provides internet to users, it is a system that allows you to store information, images, videos or any type of web content.


The analogy web hosting, refers to the place that a website, system, email, etc. occupies in a server that generally hosts various applications or web pages.

Surely some doubts have arisen, is the server a service offered by a company? How does a hosting work?

Well yes, a Web Hosting is a company specialized in storing your website in your own devices. Generally, very much like your personal computer, only that much bigger and these are designed solely with the purpose of storing web pages.

These devices are known as servers and are connected to the Internet, allowing anyone that is web surfing to see their site from any part of the world. Due to the fact that the hosting Services have a very high connection speed to the Internet, they host hundreds of thousands of clients’ websites in many servers.

The web hosting service is basically the renting of a spot in their server, so that you can put up your website. But the grand majority of the big web hosting companies operate in their own data center.

Finally we will tell you where this virtual hosting service is held.

The web hosting is located in a building with a lot of servers and on occasions smaller Hosting services companies rent out spaces in the servers of the bigger companies, then they sub-rent those spaces or spots to their own clients charging them for the service. These small companies not only rent the spots to host your webpage, but they also offer the service of being in charge of your account, with a high level of security in each of these centers, taking precautions such as having security copies in case a mishap were to occur.

What is a hosting and how does it work?
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