How to make a Twitter account more professional

When we use social media with professional or commercial means, our content must be adjusted in order to generate trust and credibility, this is why a professional Twitter profile must not be handled as if it were a personal one, where we can spill all of our thoughts. Instead, it must be an edited account, meaning that it must have a content strategy and it must look appropriately.

In regards to the design, it is important that the avatar or profile picture shows what we want to show. If it is a personal picture, this one must have correct lighting, focus and adequate dressing. In the case of a business profile, we can use our brand’s logo as an avatar for an easily identifiable profile. The profile photo must be of at least 400×400 px.

In the case of the cover, which is large rectangle that is on the top of our profile and that twitter allows us to personalize for our own benefit. Ideally, we should take advantage of that extra space by using a personalized image that is in sync with our professional profile or our brands’. This image must be 1500×500 px. We can also use this space as a window for our campaigns and special promotions.

It is also very important that our Bio or description is as accurate as possible. It must be clear, simple, it must rapidly explain what we offer and the branch in which we work, and it should also have keywords and hashtags in order to make it easier to find. Plus, Twitter allows you to add a web address to your profile in case you have a website for your brand or a blog, you should include it in this section, this will not only generate a higher traffic towards your website, but it will also serve as a backup for your followers.

And last but not least, the content. The tweets that are being sent out should abide by a communicational strategy or at least by what we wish to transmit. If what we want is to generate an idea of professionalism in what we do, we must make sure to be informative on this topic in the best way possible, watch our spelling and avoid distracting ourselves by trending topics that don’t go along with our interests. To generate an extra value for the net, you can share quality links and multimedia content, your followers will thank you. Remember that if you wish to generate credibility in your profile, the first thing that you have to do is to select your content and project an excellent image.

How to make a Twitter account more professional
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