Get results from your social media presence

Why Social Media?

  • It’s where your clients spend most of their time: almost 2 billion users by 2014.
  • It’s also the place where your competition is and they are taking advantage of this wonderful resource to get 74% more traffic to their website, up to 77% more leads and 40% more sales.
  • Your clients believe in other people’s testimonials 90% more than anything you might say. If you’re not into social media, you can’t be part of the conversation.

Why you should come to experts in the matter?

Because you can’t be everywhere all the time! Our full-time job is to stay up to date with the latest social media, online marketing trends, tools and practices in order to make your social media presence more effective so you reach out your goals.

A lot of people don’t succeed with their social media presence due to lack of time or specialized knowledge to create, execute and analyze their strategy on their own:

  • 89% doesn’t achieve the creation of content that makes their audience follow the desired actions
  • 86% don’t get the results they want from their social networks
  • 90% don’t know how to measure the results of their actions on social media
  • 90% waste their money on Facebook and Google Ads because they don’t make an ad attractive enough or they don’t do the correct segmentation of their audience

What do we offer?

We can help you in every step of your online marketing strategy: the creation, the execution of an effective strategy and the analysis of the results obtained.

Creating your strategy

We work in tandem with the key people at your Company to understand your Brand, values, objectives and more. Then, we elaborate and discuss a detailed strategy with objectives and steps to be taken.

Executing your strategy

We offer you two choices:

  • Outsourcing: The execution of the strategy previously agreed will be performed by the staff of Active Media. This will include several reports with all the information needed to keep you posted about the current results and to show you how the actions taken are generating the desired results.
  • In house: The execution of the strategy will be performed by your own staff after receiving the proper training from the staff of Active Media. Check our Training section for more information.

Analyzing your strategy

After the execution, it is vital to measure. Analyzing results allows you to verify that the strategy is achieving the desired goals, which content and actions are working and which adjustments should be done in the months to come to improve results

For the analysis of your strategy we also offer the outsourcing or the in-house options, after receiving the proper training.